MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.

March 2020 MSE fully developed the web version of VAREYE and introduced it with great success to customers and financial and insurance institutions. The start-up phase is over and now we concentrate on the smartphones apps development and on new features requested by customers.

MSE is developing an additional app to help in the times of coronavirus crisis. Stay tuned!

MSE started collaborating with a major Italian customer in the industrial sector; despite the stop related to the coronavirus crisis, the business development job keeps on and is very promising.

February 2020 MSE is having extensive contacts with customers for the adoption of the Chain of Custody system VAREYE. New website and presentations were launched. Last refinements to the system are being carried-out and the launch is on time.

MSE is revising its tender participation for the tokenization of projects for a major mining company.

MSE selected with Lambda-Capital one project to follow-up for the re-launch of a small nautical company In Italy.

January 2020 January 2020 MSE is actively promoting with success the new Chain of Custody system VAREYE at www.vareye.com. The database is undergoing the last polishing and is going live during Q1/2020.

MSE is preparing the participation to an additional tender for a major petrochemical company to participate in the tokenization process for the financing of projects.

MSE is evaluating uniting with Lambda Capital for the M&A processes for small-sized businesses to be restructured.

December 2019 MSE is evaluating proposals to create offices in Zug and in Moscow to work jointly with a multinational logistics enterprise.

MSE is offering on a tender for the creation of a Trading House in Switzerland on behalf of a major Turkish logistics and construction company.

MSE is developing a dedicated software for the management of the Chain of Custody applicable to several raw materials and semi-finished and finished products worldwide.

November 2019 MSE expects closing contracts with Alu end-users by November/December 2019 for over 35kt.

MSE is designing a new CoC controlling system for several goods produced and shipped at global level.

MSE was forced to park the Li-ore business on current market headwinds pushing prices too low to obtain profitability.

MSE successfully offered logistics solutions to a major paper industry player via its cooperating company.

October 2019 MSE is now negotiating contracts for 50kt of Alu and alloys sales with primary customers in Southern Europe for their needs 2020.

MSE is participating to a tender to open an asset management company in Switzerland on behalf of a major mining exploration company from outside the EU.

MSE is participating to tenders to offer up to 3000kt of cathodic Copper per month to some primary customers in Southern Europe.

MSE is in discussion with potential customers and a supplier to offer several kt of Lithium ore per year ex Africa.

September 2019 MSE is offering 30kt of primary Alu to customers in the EMEA and Asia.

MSE offered several ktons of Alu-sheet to customers in EMEA.

August 2019 MSE is offering to some selected potential partners the unique possibility to open their own trading houses for precious metals within the Canton of Zug in Switzerland. This preliminary innovative approach already woke up interest at some Companies and MSE will actively work to convert their partner wishes into reality!

MSE is considering entering into partnership with a selected investment fund for the development of a major logistics route connecting the Middle East to Turkey.

MSE is expecting the proposal by a Russian developer to investigate investment institutions interest and capabilities for the development of mining prospections globally at selected, promising sites for industrial metals.

MSE is evaluating the proposal to represent a major LNG producer into the EMEA market and to sell products in partnership with a North-Atlantic port.

July 2019 MSE prepared and submitted the proposal of the general scheme of business to a major European logistics operator to serve the biggest (in its market) non-European Company in the world with services and consultation on special transportation projects worldwide.

MSE resigned from the General Management of the Company Volta Trading GmbH in order to concentrate on the upcoming business opportunities.

MSE is declining customers’ orders for further deliveries of billets and commodity (Aluminium and Alu-alloys) due to tightening supplies.

June 2019 MSE is negotiating contracts for over 30kt of Aluminium ex Asia to supply some selected European market consumers. Also planning to extend the contract duration over 3 years.

MSE is preparing the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with a major European (and among the 10 biggest globally) logistics operator for the supply of services and consultation on special transportation projects worldwide.

MSE is developing the armour plates market in Turkey with the help of a local trading enterprise.

MSE is evaluating accepting the task of supplying expertise into the development of a Copper mine in the Russian Federation territory.

May 2019 MSE signed an Agency agreement with a major Turkish distributor for the supply of Aluminium products into the Turkish market, including pure Aluminium, Value Added Products and Flat Rolled Products. MSE is already offering billets to several customers.

MSE is now representing a minor Asian Alu and Value Added Products producer into the EMEA market. Also negotiating bauxite supplies for the same producer.

MSE visited the Europe Battery Show 2019 in Stuttgart – Germany; several opportunities for business on billets and Alu-sheet were uncovered and will be pursued soon.

MSE obtained a mandate to sell part of the shares of a major commodity and trade Holding company in the Baltic area to private investors or investments funds.

MSE entered into negotiations with a primary Turkish manufacturer of copper wire and rod to represent for sales in several markets.

April 2019 MSE is reaching an Agency agreement with a major Turkish distributor for the supply of Aluminium products into the Turkish market, including pure Aluminium, Value Added Products and Flat Rolled Products.

MSE is in advanced negotiations status with a primary global supplier of logistics services to participate to project cargoes businesses on new routes under development via a new company to be established soon.

MSE is evaluating an offer to represent a minor Asian Alu and Value Added Products producer into the EMEA market.

MSE submitted a strategic plan for the development and exploitation of a newly discovered Bauxite mine in Africa that encompasses the definition of a JORC report and the involvement of Alumina refineries and end-users of Alumina, the whole financed by global investment funds.

March 2019 MSE reached an agreement to explore the sales of a part of the shares of a major commodity and trade holding in the Baltic area to private investors or investments funds. Additional agreements on metal and other commodities trading are under preparation between the same holding Company and MSE.

MSE is exploring the feasibility of trading Tungsten ore from Africa.

Ongoing talks with a major Aluminium manufacturer in EMEA for the exclusive sales representation of several downstream products into the EMEA.

The Mandate Agreement with a mining Company (Lithium) in Namibia was cancelled due to lack of documentation.

February 2019 Representation Agreement with Major Cables Producer in Russia & CIS for sole representation and distribution in EMEA and America.

Mandate Agreement with a mining Company for funding of project investments in Lithium Mine & Refinery Plant in Namibia.

EU origin General Engineering plates trade starting on the US market.
January 2019 MOU agreement with Major Industrial Holding in Asia for Trading House creation in Zug, Switzerland and joint development of the investment projects and trade finance.

EU origin Aluminium foil trade starting on the US Market.

Authorized by Major Industrial Holding in Asia for negotiations with the Banks and Financial Institutes regarding terms of Alumina / Aluminium Trade and Projects Financing.
December 2018 Exclusive Agency Agreements with two European major rolling mills for general and armor plates distribution in Asia, India, South Africa and South and Central America.