MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.


Armour Plate

MSE is an Armour Plate authorized dealer of European-origin products for military and security private vehicles applications, qualified by European and American ballistic test certificates.

We have a deep understanding of the requirements of the Armour Plates grade materials and we are able to sustain highly technical conversations with customers in order to complement all the knowledge stemming from the producing rolling mills.

We are developing some new processes and technologies for Armour Plates involving multiple materials and cladding-brazing, and we are keen on exploring new possibilities deriving from the usage of less common materials and alloys and their combinations, as they become available to the market.

MSE international partners’ network covers all major markets and we are at your disposal to propose a technical and financial package adapted to a specific geographic region of interest.