MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.


Battery Pack Frame

MSE has the expertise needed to convert a battery pack frame from design to mass production.

Be it extruded profiles, hot and cold rolled plates and sheets, or casting out of several Aluminum alloys, we can take care of the identification of the partners to supply each single component, the machining and forming part, as well as the welding and the final assembly.

Our project management concept starts at the very early stage of the product design, so that we can optimize not only the manufacturing itself, but also the whole supply chain from the sourcing of the raw materials and metals, ensuring affordable and reliable deliveries to the final assembly plants from nearby locations through our partners.

We treat both common alloys of the 1xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx series and have access to aerospace-grade alloys of the 2xxx and 7xxx series.

We provide a high-level service to incorporate all the essential steps (from metal supply to the delivery of the finished product) into a convenient and hassle-free package for customers of the automotive industry that can include trade financing whenever needed.