MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.


Supply Chain

MSE boast a vast experience in intermodal transportation systems across countries and continents. We have done it all: transportation on road, railroad, deep- and short-sea, river and air freight. Our background is nested in hard and punctual work, which spanned over the course of over 30+ years combined, and of course our deep knowledge of all parameters involving supply chain characteristics, which allows MSE to be a reference point for the optimization of the value chain from the logistics perspective.

MSE are very aware of the paramount importance of Just-in-Time and OTIF deliveries, and direct all efforts to ensure a smooth, straightforward and efficient delivery of goods and services to customers worldwide, without compromising quality at any stage of the supply chain. MSE strongly believe that the key to long-term and successful relationships is the impeccable quality of all services provided along with the quickest possible response to threats related to the disruption of the supply chain; this is the only way to evolve a simple supply chain into a value added one.