MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.


Sheet and Foil

MSE is able to supply materials for several specific applications, including Nautical, Transportation, Building & Construction and more. We are collaborating with multiple manufacturers, who offer the most common alloys and products, as well as non-standard ones.


MSE offer strain-hardened 5xxx series alloys to provide the exceptional strength, workability and corrosion resistance that marine applications require. Since Aluminum was chosen by forward-looking designers wherever durability, economy of operation and construction, responsiveness or sheer speed are priorities, it has become the material of choice for innumerable nautical applications. With a specific weight about one third that of steel, an Aluminium hull and superstructure typically weighs less than half as much as a steel one of equivalent strength. Moreover, the microstructure of 5xxx alloys for nautical applications is designed for excellent corrosion resistance in the harshest marine environments and Aluminium sheets can be used without additional protection such as painting or sacrificial anodes. Typical alloys include 5083, 5086, 5456, 5754, 5052, 5383, 5154A in several tempers.


The business benefits of Aluminum for commercial vehicles are unquestionable: weight savings allowing substantially higher payloads and fuel efficiency, ease of working and repair, durability, superior corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance. MSE can supply 5xxx series alloys sheets with superior resistance to wear by abrasion as determined according to ISO 8251. This guarantees i.e. tipper trailer designs optimized for Aluminium and that can weigh between 20 and 30% less than steel bodies of equivalent strength, stiffness and durability. Additionally, Road Tanker Sheet in specifically designed 5xxx alloy is available for the construction of road tankers for storage and transportation of dangerous goods, with properties meeting the latest requirements of the ADR (Agreement for transportation of Dangerous goods by Road) regulations. The alloy fulfills the requirements specified in EN 14286 and vdTUV 545 as conformity guarantee with the intended purposes and the sheets are capable of being bent cold through an angle of 90º or 180º, as applicable, around a pin having a radius equal to k times the thickness of the sheet without cracking. Finally, it can be fusion welded by a variety of methods such as TIG (GTA-W), MIG (GMA-W), Electron Beam and Spot Welding.

Tread plates

MSE can supply tread plate with high standards of quality, flexibility and reliability; the supply is versatile in terms of available maximum thicknesses and widths coupled with a wide range of alloys and various high grip designs (1-bar / Diamond, 2-bar, 5-bar) that satisfy all the requirements in flooring for Building and Wind Mills towers or in Commercial Transportation applications. Tread plate provides anti-slip safety, perfect water drainage and easy cleaning. In addition, it does not require any surface treatment or maintenance, as it is resistant to weathering, corrosion and contact with chemicals, becoming the perfect choice for dock surfaces, slippery areas, stairways, vehicles and ship cabins. Typical alloys include i.e.1050A, 5251, 5052, 5754, 5154A, 5086, 5083, 6061, and 6082


MSE has access to several high-level Rolling Mills producing sheet and foil for high-end and demanding applications, spanning from Architecture to Automotive, Pharma, Cosmetics, Food and other types of packaging for rigid and semi-rigid containers. Available sizes and dimensions of coils and slit-coils vary according to the customer’s requirements, along with the main alloys that can be offered; among them the most commonly used in packaging applications like 8011, 3003, 8006, and 3103 with thicknesses down to a few μm. Standard ID 150 mm and OD 700/800 mm are available, along with FDA Approved lubrication when needed. Trade financing and worldwide supply chain are of course available.