MSE GmbH has gathered a multinational team of seasoned professionals with globally-recognized experience in the metal, particularly in Aluminum, industries. Our competence and knowledge paved the way to innovations in metal trade, supply chain and operations, as the combined 30+ years of experience have enabled our team to perfect the general and project management skills and expertise, as well as finesse the investment management.


Technical Expertise

MSE is highly qualified from the technical perspective to identify and close gaps between demanding customers’ requirements and actual casting capabilities for commodity Aluminum and value added alloys and products, such as slabs, billets, wire rod, primary foundry alloys and their downstream products (i.e. flat rolled products, extrusion profiles, wheels manufacture, cables and wires production). MSE’s experience in management of relevant CapEx projects in new construction or revamping of casthouses and downstream manufacturing hardware is essential for identifying the best pieces of equipment that can facilitate manufacturing of specific products today, which are laying down the foundation for the business development of tomorrow.